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10T fund

10T fund

10T Holdings is a premier growth equity fund specializing in mid-to-late stage investments within the burgeoning Digital Asset Ecosystem (DAE). Beyond financial backing, the company plays an integral role in shaping the landscape of digital assets by partnering with innovative companies driving the sector forward.

With $1.2 billion in Assets Under Management and involvement in over two dozen active portfolio companies, 10T Holdings boasts significant co-investments and leadership in secondary transactions. Their investment reach extends internationally, with a majority of the portfolio operating outside the United States.

Interested parties should pay attention to 10T Holdings due to its strong foothold in the digital assets industry and its comprehensive portfolio including leaders in blockchain infrastructure, the metaverse, NFT businesses, and next-generation financial services. The company's knack for identifying and nurturing companies at the forefront of digital finance innovation makes it not only a powerhouse investor but a key influencer in the digital economy's evolution.