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Acrew Capital

Acrew Capital

Acrew Capital is a forward-thinking venture capital firm aiming to redefine industry norms through its innovative approach. Challenging traditional VC hierarchies and networks, Acrew Capital insists on disrupting the sector with a focus on diverse perspectives and democratized wealth creation.

With a team spanning three generations, Acrew Capital boasts an impressive 78% composition of women or people of color, including more than half who are immigrants or first-generation Americans. The firm manages distinct funds catering to different growth stages, such as the early-stage Long Term View fund and the growth-stage Diversify Capital Fund—both reflect Acrew's long-term commitment to their partners.

Acrew Capital is not just an investor in the future; it is an embodiment of it, embracing diversity, emotional intelligence, and in-depth conviction in its investment philosophy. Their commitments to accessibility of wealth creation and enduring support for founders make them a standout in the venture capital landscape.