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Age of Zalmoxis

Age of Zalmoxis

Age of Zalmoxis is an innovative gaming company dedicated to creating immersive play-to-earn experiences within the fantasy MMORPG genre. With a focus on ancient Dacian mythos, the company allows players to step into the world of heroic souls and epic battles, combining folklore with cutting-edge blockchain and NFT technologies.

Since their inception, Age of Zalmoxis has seen substantial growth and formed strategic partnerships, such as with Mantle and Immutable zkEVM. Their operation is marked by significant milestones, including the incorporation of Wenmoon Studios Ltd., multiple private and public sales of their native $(KOSON) token, and introductions of crucial gameplay features like NFT staking and summoning.

Age of Zalmoxis stands out in the crowded field of blockchain gaming by fusing play-to-earn mechanics with rich historical fantasy settings. Its multi-chain approach allows flexibility and reach across player bases, providing a diverse and scalable gaming environment.