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Aligned Layer Secures $2.6M in Funding for Ethereum Verification Layer

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

15 April 2024

The Ethereum firm Aligned Layer has secured a venture capital investment of $2.6 million. As of Sunday, April 14, the startup known as Aligned Layer, which is promoting itself as a 'universal verification layer for Ethereum,' has declared that it has successfully received $2.6 million in seed funding.

It was led by Lemniscap, a company that has been around for seven years and has supported a number of startups operating in the cryptocurrency blockchain field. Previously, the company was the driving force behind the $2.4 million fundraising round the web3 startup Safary received in January.

Aligned Layer is also receiving support from Bankless Ventures and Paper Ventures, in addition to StarkWare, O(1)Labs, and Omer Shlomovits, the CEO of Ingonyama.

A social media announcement was made by Aligned Layer regarding the fund raise. One of the claims made about Aligned Layer is that it is the first decentralized ZK Proof verification layer for Ethereum. The Eigen Layer is also responsible for its operation.