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AnChain.AI is a pioneering company in the realm of Web3 security and compliance, tackling the increasing importance of blockchain and cryptocurrency security. Their focus is on innovative AI-driven solutions for cybercrime investigations and risk management of digital assets.

The core offerings of AnChain.AI include the AI-powered blockchain analytic tool CISO™, a Web3 Security Operations Center (Web3SOC), and a comprehensive suite of APIs for proactive transaction monitoring and risk assessment called BEI and SCREEN™. These products are complemented by AnChain.AI University, which provides expert-led training courses to educate individuals on blockchain technology, crypto crime investigation, and smart contract functionalities.

AnChain.AI has established itself as an essential partner for a range of organizations, including Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs), financial institutions, and public sector agencies seeking to navigate the complex landscape of Web3 technology. With a commitment to next-generation tools for security, compliance, and investigation, AnChain.AI not only safeguards its clients but also equips them with the knowledge to confidently operate within the Web3 domain.