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Arbelos Markets Raises $28M Led by Dragonfly Capital

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

08 May 2024

Arbelos Markets, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency industry, has successfully raised $28 million in a funding round led by Dragonfly Capital. This funding marks a significant milestone for the company, which aims to address the trust deficit that emerged in the aftermath of the 2022 credit catastrophe in the cryptocurrency sector. Co-founders Joshua Lim and Shiliang Tang, both seasoned veterans in the realm of digital asset derivatives, have articulated a clear vision for Arbelos Markets – to provide clients with real-time insights into their risk exposure, thereby fostering trust and stability in the market.

The funding round, described as "significantly oversubscribed," saw participation from a diverse array of investors, including venture capital firms like Room40 Ventures, Selini Capital, and Breed VC, as well as corporate partners such as FalconX, Circle Ventures, and Paxos. Additionally, notable entities like Deribit, Chorus One, and StarkWare, along with angel investors from Aevo, Cega, and Talos, joined the round, underscoring the widespread interest and confidence in Arbelos Markets' mission and capabilities.

With Arbelos Markets headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, Lim and Tang are strategically positioned to serve the evolving needs of the cryptocurrency market. Leveraging their respective backgrounds – Tang's experience as the former Chief Investment Officer at LedgerPrime and Lim's tenure as the head of trading strategy at Galaxy and Genesis – the company is poised to introduce innovative solutions that enhance transparency and mitigate risks associated with cryptocurrency trading.

Central to Arbelos Markets' strategy is the implementation of a "transparency engine," which empowers clients to independently assess the company's risk profile, balance sheet, and counterparty exposure in real time. By prioritizing transparency and accountability, Arbelos Markets aims to set a new standard for integrity and reliability in the cryptocurrency industry, thereby attracting sophisticated investors seeking liquidity and hedging options in digital asset derivatives.

As Arbelos Markets continues to gain traction and establish itself as a trusted leader in the cryptocurrency trading landscape, the infusion of $28 million in capital will enable the company to accelerate its growth trajectory. With plans to expand its workforce, enter new markets, and diversify its product offerings, Arbelos Markets is well-positioned to shape the future of cryptocurrency trading and redefine the industry's standards for transparency, security, and reliability.