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Azra Games

Azra Games

Azra Games Inc. is an innovative gaming company focused on delivering immersive role-playing games (RPGs) to a global audience. With its core dedicated to redefining the RPG genre, Azra Games endeavors to create experiences where players can become integral parts of their own captivating narratives.

Having attracted significant attention and additional funding, Azra Games is currently developing its flagship title, "Project Legends," which marks a new chapter in the realm of Sword & Sorcery-themed adventures. The dark and mystical world of "Project Legends" aims to blend traditional fantasy with modern gameplay elements, promising a fresh take on familiar tropes.

Azra Games stands out in the industry because of its commitment to revolutionizing mobile RPGs and crafting stories that resonate with players on a personal level. Their "Play Forever Pass™" symbolizes a pact with their fanbase, providing enduring content and rewards, while their interactive community engagement maintains a direct connection with gamers.