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Bitso is a pioneering cryptocurrency company in Latin America, catering to individual and business needs for investing, trading, and making borderless payments. As a leader in the crypto-based financial services sector, Bitso provides a platform that facilitates the seamless exchange of traditional currency for digital assets.

Bitso's user-friendly app is designed to cater to over seven million users and 1,500 institutional clients, enabling access to a diverse selection of more than 50 cryptocurrencies. With a focus on borderless, cost-efficient transactions, and automated investment strategies, Bitso simplifies the crypto experience, offering competitive rates, automatic order features, and a safe custody service for both crypto and fiat currencies.

With its robust infrastructure, Bitso appeals to those interested in the future of finance and cross-border payments. Its notable presence in the digital space is justified by impressive figures, such as handling USD 3.3 billion in international crypto transfers, adding credibility to its services.