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Bitwala GmbH, established in 2014, is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency space, offering a platform for seamless financial transactions with a strong anchor in the European market. Based in Berlin and fueled by a mission to secure financial independence for its users, Bitwala has created an ecosystem that integrates traditional banking services with the cryptocurrency world.

At its core, Bitwala is a service that empowers users to send, receive, and store Bitcoin and Ethereum through both custodial and self-custodial wallets, prioritizing security and accessibility. The platform operates 24/7, facilitating the instant buying and selling of cryptocurrency, paired with the convenience of depositing and withdrawing Euros through a virtual IBAN.

Bitwala stands out for its innovative approach to integrating cryptocurrency into everyday life, enabling users to spend their crypto using virtual and physical cards and emphasizing security with biometric safeguards. The platform's forthcoming launch in Germany symbolizes its commitment to growth and user support, as evidenced by an impressive €3B total transaction volume.