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Bitwise Asset Management is a leading crypto index fund and ETF provider based in the United States, dedicated to offering a straightforward and comprehensible way for individuals to invest in cryptocurrencies. With a six-year history of focused investment in the crypto space, Bitwise has established itself as a specialist without the distractions of broader financial markets.

The company boasts a broad suite of 18 investment products, ranging from ETFs to private funds, which grant exposure to over 19 different crypto assets as well as equities, hedge funds, and even NFT collections. Founded in 2017, Bitwise has since expanded beyond its initial crypto index fund to accommodate the growing interest and demand for varied investment avenues within the digital asset space.

Bitwise differentiates itself by translating the intricacies of the crypto world into actionable investment strategies for both new and experienced investors. As the largest crypto index fund manager in America, the company positions itself not just as an investment platform, but also as an educational resource, providing analyses, market reviews, and insight into Bitcoin's role within traditional portfolios.