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Blockdaemon is an industry-leading infrastructure platform focused on empowering blockchain ecosystems by providing advanced wallet, node management, and staking solutions. As a pioneer in delivering specialized services for institutions, Blockdaemon enables organizations to seamlessly engage with multiple blockchain protocols via a single integration.

With a track record of over 150,000 nodes launched, Blockdaemon boasts unparalleled expertise in maintaining and managing scalable and redundant network infrastructure. Their cutting-edge daemonOS forms the backbone of their service offerings, enabling businesses to take advantage of versatile APIs and liquid staking solutions, as well as white-glove support for dedicated nodes.

Blockdaemon distinguishes itself as a cornerstone of the blockchain economy, trusted by half of the leading institutions in the industry. Their infrastructural solutions promise 99.9% uptime, comprehensive 24/7 customer support, and a suite of developer tools aimed at facilitating Web3 app development without compromising on security.