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Chainstack is a revolutionary blockchain infrastructure provider that aims to democratize access to advanced blockchain technologies. Specializing in offering fast and dependable blockchain solutions, the company caters to a broad range of Web3 development needs.

Delving deeper, Chainstack boasts an array of products and services designed to accommodate diverse Web3 requirements. Their offerings span various blockchain protocols, including popular chains like Ethereum and innovative layers like zkSync Era, as well as specialized services like dedicated nodes, subgraphs for fast indexing solutions, and IPFS for decentralized storage.

What sets Chainstack apart is its unparalleled focus on performance, reliability, and extensibility. The company facilitates over 5 billion API requests daily through a globally distributed, load-balanced architecture, ensuring 99.99%+ uptime. With robust security measures and a growing range of integrations in their Marketplace, Chainstack enables the development and scaling of high-quality Web3 applications.