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Chronos Ventures

Chronos Ventures

Chronos Ventures is a pioneering private investment fund specializing in nascent opportunities within the blockchain sphere, notably in DeFi, and NFT projects. Since its inception, the company has aligned its focus towards early-stage investments, positioning itself at the forefront of emerging digital asset trends.

Within its array of services, Chronos Ventures boasts an impressive selection tailored to bolster cryptocurrency projects. From offering significant marketing and PR support—including access to a vast community in Russian-speaking regions and an extensive network of KOLs—to engaging in market making with substantial experience in algo-trading, the fund is equipped to invest in and nurture projects right from their inception.

Chronos Ventures commands attention not only for its strategic investment choices but also for its deep-rooted connections within the blockchain community which exceed 7,000 contacts. This extensive networking capability enhances the value it provides to its partners and portfolio constituents.