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Coin Center

Coin Center

Coin Center is the preeminent non-profit organization that focuses on the complex policy issues regarding cryptocurrencies. As an educational institution, Coin Center performs in-depth research and offers educational resources to understand the intricacies of digital currencies and the technologies underpinning them.

Delving into key areas such as consumer and investor protection, financial surveillance, innovation policy, privacy, autonomy, and tax policy, Coin Center is at the forefront of shaping cryptocurrency regulation. By producing reports, such as Peter Van Valkenburgh's critique of the Bank Secrecy Act, and addressing the implications of legislative proposals, the center seeks to influence policy robustly.

Interest in Coin Center's mission is justified not only by the organization's commitment to informed policy advocacy but also by its leadership in fostering an environment where secure, private, and innovative digital financial solutions can thrive without undue government overreach. With cryptocurrency rapidly becoming a critical component of the global financial landscape, Coin Center serves a pivotal role in guiding responsible and forward-thinking regulatory approaches.