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Coin Fund

Coin Fund

CoinFund, a leading player in the digital asset space, is renowned for promoting the pioneers shaping the new internet era. Established in 2015, CoinFund is not just an investment firm but a visionary force asserting cryptonative expertise to fuel web3 development.

With an impressive portfolio of over 105 companies, CoinFund operates on a foundation of three critical pillars: deep insight, active building, and skilled investing. Their multidisciplinary team leverages extensive knowledge to predict and participate in emergent technology trends, actively partners with companies to tackle significant innovation challenges, and steadfastly pursues investment excellence.

CoinFund stands out as an entity that underscores a collaborative culture, pairing web3 potential with the requisite capital to realize that potential. They invite attention with their track record of early predictions and substantial contributions to the web3 space — welcoming industry leaders, investors, job seekers, and the broader community to engage with them.