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CoinShares is a leading European alternative asset manager, specifically focusing on the rapidly growing digital assets sector. The company distinguishes itself as a pioneer in developing innovative financial products and services that imbue investor relations with trust and transparency.

Within its diverse offerings, CoinShares presents an impressive range of products which include crypto Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) that simplify access to digital assets through traditional investment channels. Additionally, the company manages substantial assets, operates an active hedge fund, and invests in burgeoning technology, while providing a strong foundation through its capital markets expertise that encompasses sophisticated strategies like Delta1 arbitrage and yield enhancement.

As a trusted partner to institutions, family offices, and affluent investors, CoinShares leverages advanced trading technology and an array of services to guide clients within the digital asset market. The company's commitment to support, precise execution, and liquidity provision stands as a testament to its preeminent position in the industry.