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Consensys is a prominent blockchain and web3 software company, established in 2014 as an innovator within the burgeoning web3 space. It has developed a comprehensive suite of products designed to foster the creation and use of web3 applications, including the widely-used self-custodial wallet MetaMask and the development platform Infura.

At the heart of Consensys's offerings is MetaMask, boasting over a hundred million yearly users, alongside MetaMask Developer tools that provide essential software development kits and testing environments. Furthermore, Consensys has expanded its product line with solutions like Linea, an EVM-equivalent rollup, and services such as Diligence for smart contract auditing.

Consensys is a catalyst for the web3 revolution, empowering a global community of developers, users, and creators to craft a decentralized future. Its mission, clearly focused on promoting the instinct to build, is underscored by user-friendly applications, tools, and educational resources.