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Cool Wallet

Cool Wallet

Cool Wallet is an avant-garde gaming company specializing in blending aesthetics with superior cryptocurrency management solutions. Established in 2014, Cool Wallet has dedicated itself to innovating the realm of cold wallets for digital assets.

Cool Wallet prides itself on an expansive product lineup that includes the CoolWallet S and CoolWallet Pro, both designed for mobile use with Android and iOS through encrypted Bluetooth connections. These wallets are meticulously engineered to be lightweight, portable, and equipped with an EAL 5+ or EAL 6+ Certified Secure Element for elevated security.

With over 300,000 satisfied users and zero recorded hacking attempts, Cool Wallet has established a remarkable reputation for decentralized security. The company's commitment to providing a user-friendly mobile app experience alongside the capacity to interact with decentralized applications positions Cool Wallet as an essential player for both cryptocurrency novices and connoisseurs.