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Cross The Ages

Cross The Ages

Cross The Ages® is an innovative gaming company that offers a fusion of fantasy and sci-fi elements within a captivating collectible card game (CCG). Situated in a dystopian universe, it pits mystical entities and magic against AI-enhanced adversaries in a resource-scarce world.

The core of Cross The Ages' offerings lies in its unique mobile-first collectible card game that incorporates blockchain technology to create a comprehensive gaming experience, extending from digital realms to tangible collectible cards. This ambitious project is driven by a dedicated team of over 180 experts, including seasoned game developers, renowned visual artists, award-winning authors, and blockchain specialists, focused on delivering breathtaking gameplay and intricate design.

Cross The Ages has established itself as a noteworthy entity within the gaming industry by successfully blending traditional TCG gameplay with cutting-edge technology and an engaging backstory.