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DACM is prominently positioned as an established leader in global digital asset investment, relying on advanced blockchain technology. Since its inception in 2017, the firm has committed to a singular focus on the digital asset sector, aiming to deliver market-leading returns for institutional and family office investors.

In its dedication to pioneering within the digital asset space, DACM offers a variety of targeted investment funds. These range from the Digital Asset Fund, which balances high conviction and liquidity in digital asset exchanges, to their Market Neutral Fund, which exploits the volatility of digital assets through various trading strategies.

DACM's allure rests not only on its impressive track record but also on its comprehensive suite of investment funds tailored for diverse yet discerning investors. Its commitment to sector-specific growth and investment, coupled with a thoughtful understanding of blockchain's potential to revolutionize industries, categorizes it as an exceptional choice for those seeking exposure to digital assets.