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DIBBS is an innovative company specializing in the burgeoning domain of Web3, providing Tokenization as a Service for assets. The firm's core mission is to facilitate the transition of tangible goods into authorized, asset-backed Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) through a government-licensed platform.

DIBBS simplifies the process of NFT creation for enterprises through a three-step workflow: receiving products at their facilities, handling regulated custody and tokenization, and preparing NFTs for sale across supported marketplaces. They offer a holistic solution that encompasses proprietary 3D imaging, minting of NFTs, full insurance and auditing of all inventories, and essential brand safeguards.

What sets DIBBS apart is their commitment to creating a secure and brand-safe environment for businesses entering the digital token market. They promise a single enterprise solution that grows revenue, diminishes costs, and streamlines operations for producing collectibles with love. DIBBS is distinguished for offering asset-backed NFTs that are always redeemable, fostering physical-to-digital communities and enhancing consumer interactions with a brand.