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Doodles is a vibrant gaming and merchandise company, offering an immersive universe filled with colorful characters and experiences. The company is renowned for its flagship characters, Hap and Mello, who embody the spirit of adventure and creativity that Doodles represents.

At the heart of Doodles lies an expansive array of products, including collectibles like Hap Vinyls and Mello Plush toys, designed to captivate and engage audiences of all ages. Additionally, Doodles takes the experience beyond the digital realm with offerings such as themed apparel, home decor, and interactive installations such as CAMP, which promise an in-depth exploration of the Doodles universe.

Doodles stands out not only for their eclectic range of products but also for their dedication to keeping their community up-to-date and involved. Through social platforms like Instagram and TikTok, fans can follow the latest adventures of Hap and Mello, ensuring a continuous stream of engaging content.