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Earlybird is a pioneering venture capital firm deeply invested in European technology companies. Established in 1997, the firm has carved out a significant niche in providing not only financial backing but also strategic assistance and access to a broad international network and capital markets.

With dedicated teams focused on distinct sectors and regions, Earlybird caters to a wide range of technology opportunities. The company operates the Digital West Fund, which invests in digital technology in Western Europe, the Digital East Fund, which leads in tech venture capital within Eastern Europe and Turkey, the Health Fund for digital health and biopharma, and Earlybird-X, which supports deep tech innovations like robotics and AI.

The successes tout Earlybird as a major player in venture capital - a compelling partner for budding entrepreneurs and established technology leaders alike. With a 25-year legacy of optimistic and hands-on investment, Earlybird is not only a financial foundation but also a strategic ally for companies determined to shape the future.