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Ego Death Capital Launches $100 Million Fund II to Boost Bitcoin Ecosystem Expansion

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

17 January 2024

Ego Death Capital, led by Jeff Booth, Andi Pitt, and Nico Lechuga, announces the launch of Fund II, targeting a $100 million investment to fuel the expansion of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Having successfully raised $25.2 million in Fund I, the venture capital firm has proven its foresight in recognizing Bitcoin's potential as a foundational layer for a decentralized internet and store of value.

Fund II aims to address the gap in Series A investment for Bitcoin-centric businesses in 2024, supporting entrepreneurs who must not only present business metrics to investors but also educate them about the significant shifts in the Bitcoin industry. The fund emphasizes the unique qualities of Bitcoin, focusing on security and decentralization at its core, with scalability optimized on second and third layers.

General Partner Preston Pysh expresses excitement about Ego Death Capital's mission, highlighting the distinctive nature of Bitcoin and the need for businesses to build on its secure base layer. The $100 million fund seeks to be a major player in fostering long-lasting companies that contribute to the revolutionary shift toward an honest ledger with Bitcoin as the central element.

Ego Death Capital's Fund II envisions a future where the world embraces an honest ledger, supporting businesses that align with the transformative power of Bitcoin. The fund aims to provide a significant platform for innovation and wealth generation, contributing to the ongoing development and success of the Bitcoin ecosystem.