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Ego Death Capital's Fund II: Investing in the Bitcoin Ecosystem

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

31 January 2024

Ego Death Capital has initiated a $100 million program to invest in the Bitcoin ecosystem and help it grow faster. Fund II aims to close the gap in Series A funding for Bitcoin-focused businesses and facilitate the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Fund I's success demonstrated Ego Death Capital's ability to identify promising Bitcoin businesses, including Fedi, Breez, Synota, Relai, and Wolf. Fund II seeks to support entrepreneurs focused on Bitcoin and educate investors on the significant changes in the Bitcoin space.

Ego Death Capital's core belief in the uniqueness of Bitcoin's protocol drives its focus on funding businesses at the core layer of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Fund II aims to be a key player in fostering long-lasting companies that support the revolutionary change towards a more honest ledger with Bitcoin.

The $100 million fund provides a major platform for innovation and value creation, aiming to contribute to the growth and development of the Bitcoin ecosystem.