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FalconX stands as a giant in the evolving realm of digital finance, proudly holding the title of the largest institutional crypto prime brokerage. The company's foundations lie in the principle of offering a secure and comprehensive suite of trading, liquidity, and credit services to a sophisticated institutional clientele.

At the core, FalconX is an innovator, powering a $1 trillion trading volume and over $100 billion in loan originations measured as of September 30, 2023. The company's platform is engineered for precision, employing machine learning algorithms to aggregate liquidity from over 70 venues—thus claiming access to 94% of the global digital asset liquidity.

The acclaim for FalconX shines through testimonials from top figures in the finance and blockchain sectors, echoing the company’s dedication to aiding clients like Figment and Fasanara Capital in optimizing their operational capabilities. FalconX's adept team synthesizes vast expertise from premier financial, trading, and tech institutions to forge the future of financial infrastructure today.