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Fidenza is the brainchild of Tyler Hobbs, an entity immersed in the world of generative art, distinguishing itself through cutting-edge algorithms. Known for its versatility and the ability to produce an array of surprising outcomes, Fidenza's creations are showcased exclusively on Art Blocks, setting a definitive standard for high-quality generative art.

At the core of Fidenza's success is a flow field algorithm, refined since 2016, which generates organic, non-overlapping curves. This forms the basis for creating diverse visuals with a dynamic range of shapes and colors, further enhanced by a variety of scales, turbulence levels, and stroke styles. Fidenza employs 14 distinct probabilistic color palettes, contributing to the distinctiveness of each piece.

Fidenza goes beyond the artistic realm by engaging in philanthropy and environmental responsibility, supporting organizations such as Processing Foundation and Girls Who Code, and striving for carbon neutrality. Those interested in Fidenza's work can explore its myriad of images on Archipelago, collect pieces through OpenSea, and order official prints if they hold a Fidenza NFT.