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Figment is a leading digital asset staking company tailored for institutional players, offering a complete suite of services for earning rewards on digital currencies. The company positions itself as a one-stop-shop for organizations like asset managers, custodians, and exchanges that want to earn staking rewards or integrate staking into their offerings.

At the core of Figment's offerings is its emphasis on a 'safety over liveness' staking protocol, which has led its industry-leading performance in staking rewards with a commendable slashing track record. They deliver insights and real-time decision-making tools via staking data and APIs while providing end-to-end expertise on technical integrations, protocol advisory, and regulatory considerations.

Why should you be interested in Figment? The company's robust infrastructure, insightful analytics, and dedicated expert team make it the preferential partner for institutions seeking to navigate the complexities of staking in the digital asset space.