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Glassnode is a cutting-edge blockchain data and intelligence platform, recognized for providing top-tier market analytics. Renowned for empowering both institutions and individuals, Glassnode offers on-chain market intelligence that is critical for effective trading, risk management, and research in the dynamic world of digital assets.

At the core of Glassnode's offerings are its unparalleled on-chain metrics, grounded in sophisticated data science methodologies. They provide intricate wallet analysis through proprietary clustering algorithms and cover a vast array of exchange data, all accessible through a high-performance API and user-friendly charting suite. Beyond raw data, Glassnode equips users with curated dashboards for instant market assessments, up-to-date research, and high-signal charts.

What sets Glassnode apart is its unwavering commitment to institutional-grade data and analytics solutions, offering an in-depth insight into the nuances of the digital asset markets. The platform is designed to support the intricate workflows of various market participants, providing real-time alerts, custom backtesting tools, and a powerful API for advanced research.