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Gunzilla Games

Gunzilla Games

Gunzilla Games is a trailblazing independent game development company, celebrated for its dedication to pushing boundaries and centering players in everything it does. Founded with the pioneering spirit to innovate and challenge conventional gaming limitations, Gunzilla Games focuses on generating deeply immersive titles that captivate and resonate with players across the globe.

At the heart of Gunzilla Games are highly skilled and motivated teams encompassing a variety of roles within its international studio presence in bustling Frankfurt, historic Kyiv, and the entertainment hub of Los Angeles. Staffed with seasoned industry professionals and leaders such as Vlad Korolev, the CEO and Co-Founder, and Chief Visionary Officer Neill Blomkamp, the company harbors a diverse and comprehensive background in both the gaming and entertainment industries.

Engaging with Gunzilla Games promises a new frontier in gaming for avid gamers, technical connoisseurs, and narrative enthusiasts. The studio transcends the traditional by infusing games with cutting-edge technology and compelling storytelling, creating a rich tapestry that defines the future of interactive entertainment.