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HackMoney is a forward-thinking event organized by ETHGlobal, focusing on the burgeoning sector of decentralized finance (DeFi). Positioned as a virtual hackathon, this initiative seeks to galvanize developers and thinkers around the ambitious goal of shaping the future of finance.

Between May 6 and May 27, 2022, HackMoney offered a platform for participants to demonstrate their skills and creativity, with the incentive of over $300,000 in various prizes. While applications for the event have closed, the influence of HackMoney extends beyond the hackathon itself, contributing to the ongoing development and adoption of DeFi solutions.

HackMoney represents an exciting opportunity for developers, investors, and enthusiasts alike to engage with a critical movement in the tech industry. It isn't just a singular event; it's an ongoing conversation starter and a showcase for the immense potential within DeFi.