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Imaginary Ones

Imaginary Ones

Imaginary Ones is an enterprising intellectual property brand, determined to spread joy across the globe through their unique creations. Known for their Genesis IO NFTs and collaborations, such as HUGO x IO, they blend the worlds of fashion and digital assets seamlessly.

With a roadmap filled with engaging projects like the IO Junior series on YouTube, Imaginary Rides, and their immersive game Bubble Rangers, Imaginary Ones has a robust pipeline of innovative offerings. Their upcoming $BUBBLING token highlights an expansion into the cryptocurrency space, signaling their commitment to staying at the forefront of digital entertainment.

Imaginary Ones invites global audiences to be a part of their community, offering platforms like Discord, Twitter, and Instagram for fans to engage and share the exhilaration. With a clear trajectory aiming ‘to the moon’, the company promises an unforgettable journey filled with artistry and interactive experiences.