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Immunefi stands as Web3's preeminent bug bounty platform, boasting a track record of safeguarding over $60 billion in user funds through the industry's leading security talent. The platform bridges the gap between white hat hackers and blockchain projects, facilitating a secure digital asset environment.

The platform has notably distributed over $85 million in bounties to date, with an outstanding $158 million still available, demonstrating its robust commitment to cybersecurity. Immunefi's effective model has not only rewarded individual hack prevention efforts but also successfully deterred over $25 billion in potential hack damages, cementing its reputation among top projects like MakerDAO and LayerZero.

Immunefi's prowess in the field makes it an indispensable ally for both white hat hackers and blockchain projects. For hackers, it offers the opportunity to challenge themselves and earn significant rewards, while projects benefit from top-tier expertise to safeguard their platforms.