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Industry Ventures

Industry Ventures

Industry Ventures is a distinguished venture capital platform that specializes in providing innovative and flexible capital solutions. With a remarkable presence spanning over 20 years, the company manages $7 billion in assets and has established itself as a key player in the venture capital ecosystem.

Centered on a collaborative platform that covers the entire venture capital lifecycle, Industry Ventures offers a range of investment strategies tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs and fund managers. From nurturing small and emerging VC managers in the seed and early stages to partnering in mid-stage rounds and facilitating liquidity in late stages, the company also extends into post-venture support through direct investments.

What makes Industry Ventures an enticing entity in the venture capital domain is its proven track record of pioneering secondary investments and its commitment to evolution and growth. The company's extensive history reflects a philosophy of innovation and sustained excellence, with recent substantial fund raises affirming its continued influence and success.