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LAUNCHub Ventures

LAUNCHub Ventures

LAUNCHub Ventures is a prominent early-stage venture capital firm that specializes in propelling forward the most ambitious founders in South and Central Eastern Europe. Established in 2012, LAUNCHub Ventures has been a key player in nurturing the region's startup ecosystem and its entrepreneurial talent.

With its strategic investment focus, LAUNCHub Ventures initially allocates between €0.3M and €3M to back founders tackling significant problems on a global scale, without industry restriction. LAUNCHub Ventures extends beyond financial backing by preparing startups for future funding rounds, granting access to a vast network of clients, advisors, and co-investors, accompanied by hands-on strategic guidance and mentorship.

Interest in LAUNCHub Ventures is fueled by their proven track record, marked by leading investment rounds for Europe’s stellar startups like Quantive, FintechOS, and Giraffe360. Their investment process, tailored to be transparent and efficient, significantly benefits ambitious entrepreneurs.