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LoanScan was an ambitious fintech company specializing in digital wallet services, providing a convenient interface for managing crypto assets. The company focused on delivering advanced self-custodial solutions, catering to individual crypto investors looking for control over their funds with robust security features.

Despite its potential, LoanScan faced significant hurdles that ultimately led to its downfall. Decreasing interest in LoanScan's offerings paralleled a broader decline in activity among individual crypto investors in the market. Adding to its challenges, the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrency presented a murky future, with uncertainties requiring substantial capital for a company like LoanScan to navigate and survive.

LoanScan leaves a legacy of dedication and innovation in the fintech space, even as it ceases operations and instructs users on how to manage their assets post-shutdown. Users who trusted LoanScan with their assets can continue to use alternative interfaces to manage their Safe multisig wallets beyond the app's functionality.