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Lolli is an innovative company that sits at the crossroads of online shopping and cryptocurrency, providing a rewarding and futuristic shopping experience. Through their unique business model, Lolli partners with over 25,000 top stores to offer customers cash back rewards in the form of Bitcoin or traditional currency.

The company operates by establishing partnerships with retailers, who in turn pay Lolli a commission for directing customers to their stores; Lolli then shares that commission with users by depositing cash or Bitcoin into the users' Lolli wallets after purchases are made. This simple yet effective system encourages shoppers to use Lolli for everyday purchases, from ordering coffee to booking travel.

Interest in Lolli is justified by its modern approach to rewards, offering an average of 7% back and up to 30% with some retailers, an enticing value proposition for anyone. It capitalizes on the growing interest in Bitcoin without requiring customers to invest directly, thus lowering the barrier to entry for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.