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Lux Capital

Lux Capital

Lux Capital is a venture capital firm deeply invested in the science and technology sectors, standing out as a powerful catalyst for transformative ideas and innovations. Describing themselves as a close-knit crew of dreamers and thinkers, they focus on companies developing groundbreaking advances in diverse domains such as healthcare, security, and creative expression.

With a team comprising of founders, scientists, and technologists, Lux Capital takes pride in its contrarian approach and commitment to revolutionary change. This rebel community, spearheaded by managing partners like Josh Wolfe and Peter Hébert, and supported by general partners and associates, brings a wealth of experience and a determined spirit to the table.

Why should one take an interest in Lux Capital? Their predictive prowess and early belief in ideas with massive potential makes them a standout in the venture capital landscape. The firm's emphasis on 'believing before others understand' resonates with those who are keen on staying ahead of the curve in scientific and technological advancements.