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Mapleblock Capital is a cutting-edge investment firm, deeply entrenched in the transformative world of blockchain technologies. With a robust portfolio of over 250 Web3 startups, Mapleblock stands as a beacon for next-generation entrepreneurs poised to code the future.

The company is led by a vanguard of experts including Vijay Garg, a multifaceted Managing Partner with an extensive background ranging from startups to multi-million-dollar enterprises, Gillian Wu, a seasoned DeFi Risk Advisor with leadership history at Huobi, and Vijay Pravin Maharajan, an NFT Advisor with a notable presence as a 3x TEDx speaker and CEO of Bitscrunch.

Mapleblock Capital distinguishes itself not only as an investor but also as an insightful thought leader in the blockchain space. Their initiative to nurture and guide future disruptors warrants attention from both entrepreneurs seeking to make an indelible mark in the digital realm and investors aiming to be part of a visionary journey.