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Nansen is a cutting-edge blockchain analytics platform designed for crypto investors and teams seeking to leverage on-chain data for informed decision-making. With a powerful suite of tools that provide real-time dashboards and actionable alerts, Nansen stands out as a comprehensive source for identifying trends, investment opportunities, and potential risks.

The core offerings of Nansen include a diverse range of solutions tailored for different segments of the crypto industry. These solutions cater to individual crypto investors, professional funds, NFT traders, DeFi enthusiasts, and various service providers. With features like Smart Alerts, Query for advanced data access, and a portfolio tracker that spans over 45+ chains, Nansen integrates critical data across platforms to amplify user insight.

As a beacon in the blockchain space, Nansen distinguishes itself with its unparalleled dedication to data transparency and efficiency, thus attracting the most astute investors and crypto teams. The platform's expansive data set, which includes labeled addresses and covers the majority of on-chain total value locked (TVL), is complemented by professional research to bolster strategic investment decisions.