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Nascent is a forward-thinking investment firm with a specialized focus on the burgeoning crypto ecosystem and its early-stage development. By positioning themselves as "builders who back builders," they form a symbiotic nexus where pioneering founders receive support for crafting the infrastructure of an open financial world.

Velveting a compelling portfolio that speaks to its commitment, Nascent showcases an array of innovative platforms such as Morpho, Flashbots, and Optimism, among others, all aligned with their vision of advancing the crypto landscape. The firm doesn't just passively invest but actively contributes to solution-oriented discourse through publications that address core challenges within decentralized finance (DeFi).

What sets Nascent apart is not just its savvy investment strategies but also its team—a cadre of experienced builders, investors, and explorers bound by a shared mission to propel the crypto domain forward. Their collective expertise infuses the firm with the capability to identify and nurture groundbreaking projects.