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New Lab

New Lab

New Lab is a groundbreaking company that positions itself at the intersection of innovation and practical application in the fields of energy, mobility, and advanced materials. The firm is renowned for accelerating the journey from conceptual ideas to significant real-world impacts.

Distinguished by more than 1000 members, 500,000 square feet of collaborative space, and a track record of over 250 startup successes, New Lab is a hub for pioneering inventors and entrepreneurs. Their proven mechanism to support deep tech startups involves providing access to a powerful network of customers, capital, and navigating regulatory pathways, shaping innovations in biodegradable packaging, zero-emission transportation, and other sustainability-focused areas.

Interest in New Lab stems from their dedication to fostering partnerships aimed at addressing global challenges, such as those presented by the climate crisis. By bringing together startups, industry giants, governments, and investors, New Lab catalyzes progress in sustainable technology, boasting an impact through substantial exits and piloted projects.