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NGRAVE is a pioneering company in the cryptocurrency security sector, specializing in the development of state-of-the-art wallets for digital assets. Their offerings include the ZERO wallet, touted as the world's coldest hardware wallet due to its top-tier security features, along with the GRAPHENE backup solution and the LIQUID mobile app.

The company's suite of products is designed to offer robust protection and ease of use for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. NGRAVE's ZERO wallet promises unparalleled security, being the first to achieve an EAL7 security certification for its operating system, while the GRAPHENE backup ensures long-lasting, recoverable, and encrypted safekeeping of keys. The LIQUID app complements these with real-time balance updates and secure, offline transaction signing.

Cryptocurrency holders and investors have substantial reasons to be drawn to NGRAVE. Its end-to-end encrypted ecosystem offers a breakthrough in safeguarding digital assets, boasting advanced key generation and multi-faceted backup solutions that go far beyond traditional protection.