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Node is an innovative cryptocurrency fund and thought leader in the blockchain space, with a history rooted in the pioneering of digital assets protocols. Established by industry veterans with a track record since 2012, Node is at the forefront of the distributed economy, investing in and contributing to the development of blockchain networks and token-based projects.

Founded by high-caliber professionals like Amos Meiri and Rotem Lev, Node leverages its founders' ground-breaking work on the Colored Coins protocol and the digital assets platform Colu to steer the cryptocurrency sphere forward. The team consists of top-tier talent, such as Rotem, a key player in developing colored coins specs, Or Harel, a passionate technical researcher, and Ofer Guttman, an experienced player in the financial industry. Their combined expertise is complemented by Danny Razinsky’s financial acumen and Eyal Elsheich’s infrastructure prowess, ensuring Node's robust operational foundation.

Node's vision is underpinned by the belief in the transformative potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to improve transparency, security, and efficiency across various markets. The company positions itself as a catalyst for the nascent adoption phase of these technologies, aspiring to tackle large-scale challenges in finance and beyond.