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Success of Nyan Heroes: A Pre-Alpha Breakthrough in Cryptogaming

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

19 April 2024

During its pre-alpha release on Epic Games Store, 'Nyan Heroes' by 9 Lives Interactive recorded 200,000 downloads and ranked among the top 30 most-played games. The full PC version with NFT integration is set to launch early next year.

The mech shooter featuring cat pilots, powered by Unreal Engine 5, received positive feedback despite minor issues. Players can buy, sell, and trade in-game assets, with future plans for NFT integration and an in-game marketplace.

9 Lives Interactive aims to offer both web3 and non-web3 players a smooth gaming experience, allowing customization and asset trading. The pre-alpha success has led to plans for a relaunch on Epic Games Store to reach more players.

Epic Games' previous listings of crypto games in development, like 'Shrapnel,' 'Illuvium,' and 'Star Atlas,' demonstrate the growing presence of cryptogaming in the industry.