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Pokt Network

Pokt Network

Pokt Network stands as a foundational pillar in the Web3 landscape, offering a crucial RPC base layer that enables seamless infrastructure integration for a multitude of blockchain networks. The necessity for high availability, swift access, and minimal latency is met by Pokt Network's robust platform, ensuring 99.99+% uptime and latency below 50 ms across over 40 chains.

Distinguishing itself in the decentralized space, Pokt Network supports developers and projects through gateway services such as Grove and Nodies, enhancing performance with over 20,000 independent nodes. Notably, Pokt Network is on the brink of making running a personal gateway more accessible, planning an open-source initiative with Nodies, and inviting the prospect of creating democratized RPC businesses supported by its framework.

Pokt Network doesn't just offer a service; it invites engagement and collaboration through an innovative governance model that favors equity and contribution over token holdings. In a landscape where decentralization is cherished, Pokt Network ensures governance by the diversity of participants including node operators, builders, and users rather than solely by investors. By joining their community, one can contribute to protocol development or operate nodes, thereby earning rewards and having a say in the future of the platform.