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Project Twelve

Project Twelve

Project Twelve (P12) is a cutting-edge Web3 gaming platform and creator ecosystem that is revolutionizing the online gaming landscape. As a leader in the user-generated content (UGC) movement, P12's mission is to empower gamers and developers alike to create and participate in onchain games.

Diving deeper into the functionalities that make Project Twelve stand out, the platform encompasses a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for the birth of onchain gaming. P12's Editor serves as a Metaverse content engine, while the Infra provides essential APIs and developer portals for integrating game content on-chain. Furthermore, P12 fortifies its unique positioning through the Econs system, implementing economic and governmental rules via EVM smart contracts to ensure a sustainable game economy.

The company's vision promises a transformative impact on the gaming industry by integrating the latest Web3 advancements with gaming excellence. Project Twelve's commitment to building an accessible and sustainable gaming ecosystem solidifies its appeal to both developers and players. The recent Genesis Soul-Bound NFT airdrop, which set new records in the Web3 space, signifies the robust community support and eagerness for inclusive, next-generation gaming experiences.