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PROOF is a boundary-pushing gaming and digital art company, distinguished by its unique blend of community engagement and exclusive digital art exhibitions. With a primary focus on NFTs and virtual collections, PROOF has established itself as a conduit for artists and collectors alike, fostering a space where art meets technology.

At its heart, PROOF is a robust art collective, marshaling over 1,000 members in support of what it calls the 'Digital Renaissance.' As stewards of NFT innovation, PROOF facilitates a rich ecosystem comprising 'Moonbirds' and 'Mythics' collectibles, along with the 'Lunar Society' community of builders.

PROOF distinguishes itself as a lighthouse for digital art enthusiasts and innovators seeking a vanguard community and comprehensive NFT experience. The blend of their curated talent, digitally native artwork, and the legend surrounding their 'Mythics' series beckons collectors and creators to join a burgeoning movement.