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Seascape Network is a pioneering gaming company thriving within the web3 space, with a commitment to infusing genuine fun and robust infrastructure into the evolving digital economy. Recognized for creating immersive experiences, Seascape's innovative platform is strategically built to connect gamers, developers, and publishers through a diverse ecosystem of engaging games and live events.

At its core, Seascape Network offers an expansive portfolio of games like BLOCKLORDS, Mini Miners, and Moonscape, tailored to leverage the possibilities of web3 technology. The network's intensive focus on gamified experiences is evident in its offerings such as the NFT Brawl and Staking Saloon, along with the Lighthouse launchpad—a cutting-edge platform designed to bolster Web3 gaming and simplify usability for game developers.

SeaScape's prominence in the gaming industry is characterized by its forward-thinking vision of Web3 gamification, offering creative rewards that extend across its ecosystem. The company places high importance on fulfilling the aspirations of both players and developers, ensuring a balanced focus on innovation and satisfaction.