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Simetri is a cutting-edge crypto investment research company that provides strategic insights and analysis aimed at empowering investors in the cryptocurrency space. Recognized for leveling the playing field with transparent, in-depth reports on crypto projects, Simetri stands out as an expert guide in the dynamic landscape of crypto investing.

The core offering of Simetri is the Sapphire suite, a set of crypto investment research tools backed by seven years of market-beating success. With services like the "Pick of the Month" and "Follow the Whale," the company furnishes investors with vetted opportunities, from small-cap tokens to insightful analyses of whale activity in the market.

Simetri sets itself apart by focusing on the continued education of its members through a private Discord community, as well as periodic educational materials and market analyses. Their ethical trading policy showcases a commitment to integrity, ensuring subscribers receive recommendations before any internal trading occurs.